Edison Success Story


As part of a progressive digital transformation program Edison released its new smart home app My Edison in April 2017. Among others, customers are now able to transmit their meter reading gas level directly by using Anyline’s OCR technology. A practical solution for customers and definitely an add-up for the new My Edison app.


Wikitude, the leading Augmented Reality engine, has opened up its SDK 5.0 via a plugin framework. The Anyline SDK was one of the first partners to implement the plugin in order to connect object and text recognition without problems. Find out more about the perfect connection of our SDK and Augmented Reality.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta has understood the impact Augmented Reality will have on business solutions and backend systems. Whether it comes to warehousing, service design, document automation or meter readings – Konica Minolta is our partner for Augmented Reality business solutions.